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Teach the children

Proverbs 22:6:  “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Four fingers

If hunters were football players, you’d see them walking around this week and the next holding four fingers up in the air. In football, that signals it’s the Fourth Quarter. The game is just about over. It’s now or never. In hunting, it’s the fourth quarter. Area 2’s long deer season comes to a close … Continue reading

Beach Ducks

The last place I would have ever figured to spot a waterfowl museum would have been on Virginia Beach. Well, I was wrong. On a recent visit, we spotted the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum from the beach. It was a quaint little place, full of old decoys, guns, shotgun shells and numerous other neat items. … Continue reading

Wood’s on the water

Mention the name Mike Wood in freshwater fishing circles in Louisiana, and you’ll more than likely find most people know who he is. As an employee of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries for nearly 40 years, he has worked as a student assistant, biologist, fish hatchery manager and finally as the Director of … Continue reading

This is the day

Set the hook on these dates

Take out that new calendar that you got as a Christmas present or from the bank or the feed store and start marking down some important dates! Big Buck: For starters, check off Saturday, February 20. That’s the date of the second annual Union Parish Big Buck Contest Banquet. It will be held once again … Continue reading

One busy deer hunter!

Coach Nick Saban is up 24 hours a day getting ready for some football game. Our country’s liberal leadership is scheming day and night to take guns from law-abiding Americans. Santa Claus is busy cleaning up the North Pole. And so on and so on… Busy. Busy. Busy. But they can’t be any more busy … Continue reading

New Year’s Catching Up

After a few days off, today we are “catching up”. No pun intended. Well, maybe. We’ll start with a scary picture from the deer woods of northeastern Union Parish around Marion. The shot above was taken off the Huttig Highway the Sunday afternoon after Christmas. Not what you want to see anytime, anywhere. Fortunately, it … Continue reading

Shop Local. Bank Local. Marion State Bank

Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

Bastrop – Morehouse Chamber

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