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Keeping “Pace” with D’Arbonne Crappie

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You don’t have to spend all day on the lake to keep pace with some of the goings-on around crappie fishing at Lake D’Arbonne these days. You can always check on Pacebook.

I mean, Facebook.

Some friends got him set up online and Neal Pace has taken the jig and run with it to keep regular updates on lake crappie fishing through the Lake D’Arbonne Crappie Report Facebook page. Check it out.


Neal has worked hard to get folks to share information on there. It also helps that he fishes for crappie just about every day he can. If you see him on the lake, tell him thanks. But don’t hold him up too long. He’s busy trying to catch crappie!

Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 7.07.16 PM.pngHis personal tips for success these days:

  1.   Be patient. Fish slow and don’t get locked in on a pattern if it isn’t working.
  2.   Try some shiners. He likes using double rigged shiners or a shiner on a jig head. Hook the shiner through the bottom lip and out one of the nostrils. The better the shiner can swim, the better chance of getting thumped.
  3.   Don’t fish with more poles than you can manage. He’s mostly a two pole kind of guy and doesn’t go in for the spider rig fishing.
  4.   Share info on the Facebook page. Neal also asks that you don’t just put photos on there, but share a bit about what you are doing — what baits, depth of water, conditions, etc.

Oh yes, and stay warm!

And don’t forget this message from Neal:

OK. LIP RIPPERS We got us a Big Crappie contest sponsored by Anderson Sports Center (Cooters). This will be a monthly contest. Starting Feb. 1st.  Must be caught n Union Parish.. No cost to enter. Just take ur crappie by Andersons let them weigh it. They’re open 7 days a week. Your name and phone number will be recorded.. At the end of the month the winner will be notified.. The winner will receive a $ 25.00 in store voucher. Winner will also will be entered into the big Crappie of the year..you can enter more than one per month. Please take picture of your fish and post it on LAKE DARBONNE CRAPPIE REPORT. ..So we can put your picture in the Gazette… working on getting more stores to join in on this contest… I’ll be sure and keep you all updated……. Now Go Rip Some Lips….


One thought on “Keeping “Pace” with D’Arbonne Crappie

  1. Interesting

    Posted by pam foust | January 21, 2016, 12:3611:08 am

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