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$200 crappie hole!

hangupNow, I have to admit. I’ve seen a couple of places on D’Arbonne that get fished 8-10 times a day during the peak of the spring fishing season. And there are some “community” tops out in the lake that get fished pretty regularly. But there was one big top on a southern lake that apparently got fished pretty regularly and it was hard to fish without hanging your jig up and then losing it.

But that top also got fished by a bass fisherman, who got his crankbait hung in a maze of jigs and line and hooks and sinkers and….well, the picture to the left tells the whole story.

The fisherman used a lure retriever and when he pulled up his bass lure, he also got this fine collection of fishing baits. I’d say about $200 worth! And it looks like chartreuse, orange and yellow are by far the favorite jig colors on this unnamed lake.

The amazing thing here is that all these jigs must have been down there for only a few months, because when they were washed off for the photo, they were in pretty good shape…

I wonder how many fishing holes out there in our lakes look like this? The only time I’ve ever seen anything anywhere near something like this was in Little George’s tackle box. . .


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