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No ordinary deer discussion

IMG_1617I finished up scattering a little deer plot seeding Friday and thanks to a group of really nice guys helping an old man out, got a new deer stand set, bushes trimmed and some corn and rice bran placed in strategic spots in anticipation of Saturday’s upcoming opening day hunt.

But Saturday, while enjoying the rain and thinking how it will help the seed grow,  I found myself in the midst of a rather unusual deer discussion that, well…just read it for yourself.

Me: “I should go to the woods and sit in the stand a while and see if anything is moving.”

Wife: “Go ahead. Just be careful.”

Then, a few minutes later after coming back in from walking the dog:

Wife “My roses were just about to bloom again and the deer ate every bloom off them down to the stem last night. They finished off the Indian Hawthorne, too. I’m furious”

We have quite a few deer in the woods around the neighborhood. Before I could answer…

Visiting Granddaughter: “You should put up a deer stand in the front yard too, Poppa, and kill those deer.  I could go for  some fresh deer steak for supper. Yum Yum.”

Now that’s getting to the meat of the situation.

The End.


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