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Major deer hunting mistake

You’ve scouted and set up your climber about 20 yards from a trail with cameras showing steady buck traffic. You know when that big one is probably coming by and you’ve practiced shooting that bow and arrow until your forearm is sore.

The winner: Hunter Fowlkes 10 point champion!

2014-15 winner: Hunter Fowlkes 10 point champion!

Thursday, Oct. 1,  it’s opening morning for archery hunting in Areas 1 & 2, which covers most of our area. You’ll be there early. From scent killer to camo to a good open spot to fire on the trail. You are ready. That big 10 point walks by as scheduled. You nock up the arrow and let it fly, hitting the mark with accuracy that even amazes you. Thirty minutes later you climb down, walk the trail for 40 yards and there he is. The trophy of a lifetime at your feet.

So how did you mess up?

If you are hunting in Union Parish and you didn’t buy a Big Buck ticket from the Chamber of Commerce, you might have just cost yourself $1,000! That’s a pretty big mistake.

Yes, it’s time for the 2015-16 version of the Union Big Buck Contest. We’ll have more details on it later, but before you go to the woods, stop by the Chamber Office or any of the sponsors and pick up a ticket. It could bring you a big payoff!

big buck


One thought on “Major deer hunting mistake

  1. Obviously this wasn’t you in the article unless this was an attempt at fiction writing. Only true if the deer died from a heart attack, maybe.

    Posted by George | September 30, 2015, 12:3610:04 am

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