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Bullitt says “thanks”; You can still help

Thursday evening, May 21, 2015, Scott Bullitt experienced the darkest side of human behavior. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agent was shot in the back and suffered a severe back/spinal injury on what seemed like a routine stop.

Since that time, Scott has experienced the brighter side of human behavior as he continues to work to regain his health. Seeing the good in people started the night of the shooting. More than 100 law enforcement officers from a dozen agencies and even more civilian volunteers did not rest until a suspect was charged and behind bars.

“You don’t really realize just how many good people there are out there until something traumatic like this happens,” he said earlier this week. “People have really come together for me. It’s been outstanding. The help…the support…without them, I don’t think I would have made the recovery I have.”

bullitScott still has a long road ahead of him, but he has the first part of the journey licked. He has an amazing attitude. With continued support and good medical attention, he isn’t about to let up.

Scott is unable to walk, so a recent gift from the Louisiana Wildlife Agents Association really brightened up his outlook. An avid outdoorsman himself, he received a “track chair” that will allow him the mobility to get off the hard surfaces and get into the woods, to his dog kennel and in his yard again. He calls that an “incredible” blessing.

There have been several fund raisers to help Scott and his family. An important one is coming up on Lake D’Arbonne on Saturday, September 26. It’s a benefit bass tournament. You can fish in it. You can just pay an entry fee and support the event even if you don’t fish. Or you can even make a donation. Details are provided in two links below. Scott will be there.

One thing I’m sure of.  Scott will be appreciative. And he deserves anything you can do to help. Guys like him stand between the general public and the dark side on an hourly, daily, weekly basis. I thank God they are there.

I asked Scott if he had anything he’d like to say to those who are helping.

“Words don’t do it justice,” he said. “I pretty much just want to thank everybody for their support and everything they are doing,” he said. “Just people being there through the entire ordeal. I can’t express how much it means.”

scott bullitt bass tournament finalHERE’S HOW ANYBODY CAN HELP:  One of the key ways that money will be raised in next weekend’s tournament is through the sales of t-shirts. This will also serve as a reminder to people everywhere what happened and the support Scott is getting. You can pick one up at any Marion State Bank location for $15 ($17 for my size….) or at Batteries + Bulbs in Monroe. It would be great to sell out and have to order more!

Tournament details: It’s a big bass tournament with a $100 entry fee. Entry blanks are available at area sporting goods stores. There is a FACEBOOK page set up for the event and you can click on photo, then  the “Tickets Available” tab, and print off an entry blank. Then just fill it out, write out your check and mail it in without even leaving your air conditioned living room! Here’s the site:


There will be hourly big bass payouts and cash awards for overall big bass. Hopefully the fishing community will come out in force and double that number. Marion State Bank and Batteries+Bulbs are the title sponsors. You can go directly to this site to download a copy of the entry blank and rules as well:



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