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Catfish time!

A nice channel catfish on the right and a big op on the left. Supper!

A nice channel catfish on the left and a big op on the right. Supper!

Catfish don’t get much respect.

But they get invited to dinner a whole lot! One of the best things about fishing Lake D’Arbonne this time of the year is the abundance of catfish. You can catch them from a boat or from the bank. There are very few areas of the lake that don’t have catfish. In fact,right now you catch about as many catfish on crappie jigs and crickets as you do white perch and bream in some areas.

The predominate fish is the channel catfish. But fishermen who bait lines, especially stump hooks, can catch plenty of big opelousas (ops or flatheads) catfish as well. One thing they have in common is that they all taste good out of this lake.

Best baits for catfish on rods and reels and poles are cold worms cut in half or big wads of red wiggler earthworms. You can catch them on shiners and bream fishermen are often thrilled to get a special pull from a catfish that hits a cricket. When catfish are hungry, they’ll bite just about anything. Some fish with corn niblets and others with cut up hot dogs and prepared catfish bait.

I don’t care what I catch them on. I just want to see them cleaned, coated with corn meal and fried! In fact, I love whole little catfish. Some of my friends even call them “Kinny cats”…

I’ll have more on catfish the rest of this week!


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