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Okay fish….ready….set…no?

The fish may not bite this weekend, but I’m betting it is going to LOOK LIKE the fish are biting on area lakes. It’s getting time for some action and the weather forecast for today through Sunday is absolutely fabulous. Expect lots of fishermen on the water! So what’s the fishing report? Check below, but first a correction for those who don’t go fishing Saturday morning:

kingsThe Krappie King TV show with John Godwin is this Saturday, Feb. 7 at 7:30 CST, not Feb. 8 as I said earlier this week!  Kalonka will be fishing  on the lake with West Monroe’s John Godwin of Duck Commander. They land some really nice slab crappie and go over several techniques that catch D’Arbonne crappie.  It’s on the Sportsman’s Channel.

Station numbers vary with different cable and satellite providers so check your TV guide to see exact info.

Now for that fishing report:

It’s still sketchy. On Lake D’Arbonne, some fishermen are having good luck on the crappie for a change with most of the good reports coming from up D’Arbonne and Corney creek way. There were a few 15 – fish catches reported from up around the Bernice bridge this week. Mind you, just a “few”. Lots of folks are still having trouble getting the livewell fishy at all. There are fish showing on the depth finders all along the channels, but the standard 20-25 foot deep bite has been slow. Some are catching them more shallow – 10-14 feet – and some are fishing all the way at the bottom and catching some.  Shiners are working well as are jigs with shiner trailers. If you don’t like shiners, I suggest you try minnows. Okay, It’s kinda like whether you should fish with “crappie nibbles” or “crappie bites”… Sorry Bruiser Bob!

Down on the big lake, things are still slow. A few good bass are being caught but fishermen are fishing extremely slow with big plastics or slow-rolling spinnerbaits. The water temp is low, although it should come up 5-10 degrees this weekend in the shallows.

Lake Claiborne has had some good reports this week. Most of the fish that are being caught are down at the spillway. Some are as deep as 35 feet while others are suspended at 25-30 over brushtops. The key there is knowing where the brushtops are. Bass fishing here as been slow, but some are being caught in the north end of the lake.

Other area lakes are pretty slow, too. Big bass are being caught at Poverty Point, but not many of them. Crappie are being caught in the deeper areas, but again, not many. This may be the weekend for them to start, but if you plan on having fresh fish for supper, might just want to keep the number of a couple of local fish houses on speed dial…

Other reports we’ve gotten: River lakes on the Ouachita River are giving up a few crappie. Fish are either deep in the middle of the lakes or on brush tops in deeper water. A few bass are being caught up Bayou D’Arbonne, but the water is still muddy. At Black Bayou, crappie fishermen are reporting fair catches on shiners and jigs. Fish here aren’t slabs, but you can catch a mess of fish. Caney Lake is reporting some crappie in 30-35 feet of water in the deep holes out from the spillway. Remember to put plenty of weight up above your bait when fishing this deep. the photo below is shared from a Caney fisherman on crappie.com.



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