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Fishing, not catching so far

Here lately, the fish get the "empty stringer" award...

Here lately, the fish get the “empty stringer” award…

If Les Miles had been fishing for crappie (I know, I know…it’s still “white perch” to most folks around here, one of my good friends reminded me last week), I think he might have described the fishing the past couple of weeks in a fashion similar to this:

“Just so ya know, these fishermen have a want to catch fish. I am deceptively honest here, the outcome has not been as most would like.  And it isn’t for a lack of to effort to achieve victory. We are not going out and saying, ‘hey, let’s just mull around’ and then catch some right at the end of the trip.  You say fishing is a flop? There are no flops that take to this lake . Just so ya know, I’m proud of these fishermen. I like their chances. Right now, let it go. I’m preparing for the next trip. And the next trip after that.  Have a great day. See ya”.

In case you’ve been stuck on a stump in some far-away slough and never heard Les-isms in football, what this means for fishing on Lake D’Arbonne is something like this: Fishermen have not been having much luck, but it isn’t for a lack of trying to catch fish. There are boats in every area of the lake, searching for fish and bites. They are working hard, keeping their eyes on the depth finder for baitfish and crappie. They aren’t just sitting out there drowning shiners and “mulling around”. Some might say fishing has been terrible, and while it has, we aren’t going to admit it. Fishermen are going to start having luck in the next one, two, three weeks. Right now they just need to keep their gear in order and stay after them.

How’s that for a fishing report?

Seriously, fishing has been slow for crappie and bass. A few catfish are being caught on yo-yo’s already, but please make sure you follow the new yo-yo regulations. Enforcement agents didn’t vigorously pursue these violations last year since it was a new law, but don’t plan on being lucky again this year. It’s the same story everywhere. From fishing reports to marinas to posts on fishing sites, it is apparent that fishermen are having pretty much the same results on Caney, Claiborne and Poverty Point as they are on D’Arbonne. There are a few good reports from Caney Lake this weekend and it may be the first one to wake up so far. The Ouachita River is high and a bit muddy. There are some fish being caught, but the ratio of fish to fishermen success is kind of like, well, in the world of Les — the fish are the hammer and the fishermen are the nail.”

But hang in there, anglers. Pinch off a little sprig of grass by the boat ramp before you head out, put it between your bottom lip and gum,  and out stay after them. As Les would say, “The taste of victory is sweet.”

I think he was talking about fried crappie, I mean white perch, filets, don’t you?


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