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This in from the Union Chamber of Commerce Union Parish Big Buck Contest:

Marcus Johns' big buck

Marcus Johns’ big buck (Chamber/Big Buck contest photo)

“We have an early lead in the Big Buck Contest. Marcus Johns of Ouachita Parish bought a Big Buck ticket at the beginning of the contest and was hunting in Union Parish. He did not purchase the ticket because he thought he was going to kill the biggest buck, but because he wanted to win in one of the two $500.00 dollar drawings. He had never killed a big buck before and did not think he would this year. I have spoken with many hunters around the parish who said they never kill a big buck. Well, here is proof that you never know when the big boy will walk out on your stand.

Johns’ was on his stand when a little spike walked out to eat a bite of corn. A few minutes later the big buck walked out to say “here I am.” All it took from there was a steady nerve. So for all you hunters who think your luck will never change, here is reason to get your big buck ticket. The deer unofficially scores 132-5/8. This will probably get many challenges and probably will not hold the lead but for now Mr. Johns has all the bragging rights he needs. He may hold the lead or he may come in second or third. Only time will tell.”

Don’t go to the woods until you buy a Big Buck ticket! This game’s not over!You don’t have to live here to win, but your big buck does have to live here (or did live here, I guess you should say…).

For more details, just type in Big Buck of Union Parish in the search bar on this page or go to the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce website.



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