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Big buck big buck!

I know I’m getting old, but in this instance anyway, I’m not repeating myself.

It is a big buck big buck! And it’s in Union Parish, the top parish for deer harvest numbers in the state of Louisiana.  The big buck big buck is going to be the winner of the new Chamber of Commerce “Big Buck” contest for Union Parish deer. The top award of $1,000 will go to the hunter who kills the biggest buck in Union Parish during the upcoming hunting season. That’s big bucks for a big buck! Preaus Motors of Farmerville is the title sponsor of the contest.

John Preaus killed this 15-point buck in Union Parish a few years back!

John Preaus killed this 15-point buck in Union Parish a few years back!

You do have to register BEFORE you go hunting, though, so that means even if you are going bow hunting this week, get your ticket BEFORE you go to the woods or you might end up with one big buck but not the “big bucks”. Any questions? You don’t have to be from Union Parish to win, but you do have to harvest the deer in Union Parish.

There are some other aspects to the contest that allow you to win even if you don’t go hunting, and that’s all tied in to the end-of-the-year Sportsman’s Banquet and Expo to be held next Spring. For one thing, your ticket is good for a cash drawing of $500 at the banquet.

For more details, see:


There is a link there that will take you to all the rules and regulations. Make sure you read them thoroughly. Of utmost importance is the fact that you have to buy a $10 ticket to enter. That ticket MUST BE purchased 24 hours before you actually harvest a deer that is entered in the contest.

You can purchase tickets at: Marion State Bank, Thomas Nursery, First National Bank, Yak’s Deer Processing, Linville Deer Processing, Dean Deer Processing, Marion Tire Center, Bernice City Hall, Read Lumber or the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce.



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