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Doin’ Duck Day the Right way!

In case you missed it, Duck Dynasty began Season Six Wednesday night. And in case you missed it, the show had a special guest,  Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Yes, I watched it. Haven’t missed an episode. I do love the show.  Some folks do more than just love it. Every day, not just Wednesday, is … Continue reading

Are the bass biting? Yes

Is it too late to catch a bunch of big bass on Lake D’Arbonne? No. Just ask these guys. Larry Voorhies caught a 7.29 largemouth to win the big bass for the Toledo Tackle team tournament this past weekend on D’Arbonne and it took 25+ pounds to win the team part of the event. Here … Continue reading

Eat, sleep, water

Today, Lake D’Arbonne stands at 80.6 feet, about six tenths of a foot above pool stage. Projections are for it to stay above pool for the rest of the month. That’s pretty unusual for June. But it’s a good thing. A full lake not only looks better, but it’s good for the fishing, especially upstream … Continue reading


Want a very vivid illustration of why you don’t stand underneath a tree during a lightning storm? This video is from the US Parks Service of a tree beside a park in New York. It shows a pretty big tree being turned into matchsticks by a single bolt from the blue…   ***** ANY   QUESTIONS … Continue reading

Get away from it all

One reason we go fishing is to “get away from it all”. That’s a great way to do it. But it is just temporary. There’s another way to “get away from it all” in a more permanent, life-changing way than fishing. Following the Lord brings true joy, whether today we are on top of the … Continue reading

Special fishing weekend…

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries invites Louisianans of all ages to fish for free this coming weekend without a fishing license on any of the state’s public waters. While fishing isn’t exactly free — at least on this weekend you can do it without a license! Louisiana offers miles of shoreline and a … Continue reading

Iron Man bassin’

I remember the day when I fished in the “Majestic” Bass Classic on Lake D’Arbonne. Barely. It was long ago when my hair was darker colored and more abundant…and I moved a bit faster. I’m not even sure it was called that then, but I do remember paying my entry fee and trying to fish … Continue reading

Cricket crazies

I bought a box of crickets the other afternoon to go bream fishing, but when I got home the wind had picked up and so I left the cricket box in my garage. I also bought four new styrofoam corks and six new bream hooks. I just left them in the bottom of the cricket … Continue reading

Get Godly

Phil Robertson cuts through the politics and gets to the point… You can watch the video on this site and see all his remarks. 2 Timothy 3:1-9 “But understand this, that in the last days there will come times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient … Continue reading

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