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Cricket crazies

I bought a box of crickets the other afternoon to go bream fishing, but when I got home the wind had picked up and so I left the cricket box in my garage. I also bought four new styrofoam corks and six new bream hooks. I just left them in the bottom of the cricket box so I wouldn’t lose them.

Before I go any further, no George, I don’t know why we call them “corks” when they are made of “styrofoam”.

The bottom cork shows where crickets chewed on it. The top one was the only "survivor" of four...You can actually see little white "dots" of styofoam in the bottom of the box...

The bottom cork shows where crickets chewed on it. The top one was the only “survivor” of four…You can actually see little white “dots” of styofoam in the bottom of the box…

Something else I don’t know is why the crickets actually ate a good bit of two of the corks. I do know that they seemed to prefer the white styrofoam over the orange, though, in case that is useful information to anyone. I guess it’s true. If you get hungry enough you will eat anything. And in case there are any crickets’ rights activists reading this, I immediately took the corks out and gave them a nice hunk of fresh lettuce. That should satisfy their hunger and also help with their regularity after eating that “cork”.  At least until I get to take them fishing with me.

It was also a rough day for the crickets in another way. I have this mockingbird that lives at my house rent-free and he thinks he owns everything. I also discovered his head up in the cricket box enjoying a few cricket snacks when I left the garage door up for a while. I don’t think he can move that 2 X 4 that I have placed over the top of the box now. Lettuce for the crickets. A board for the bird. Problem solved.

Now if the wind can just slow down for a while, I’ll come up with the final solution of this cricket crazy column — catch some fish for supper.


One thought on “Cricket crazies

  1. Catch more bream ! Feed your crickets onions ! It works

    Kevin Welker

    Posted by Kevin Welker | June 5, 2014, 12:368:13 pm

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