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The good life at Eagle Point

I’ve been blessed with many memorable days in my life.

One of them centers on a little one-acre piece of hillside on the edge of Lake D’Arbonne in a development called Eagle Point. It started   to take shape as I was fishing out on the lake and seeing the preliminary work being done on the hillside as crews cleared some of the timber and built a road. I wasn’t far from Terral Island with my fishing buddy George when we noticed something going on, so we cranked upIMG_0449 the motor and rode up the lake to see.

Man, that would be a nice place to live someday,” I said.

A few months later, the first morning they put lake lots up for sale there, my wife and I rode over bright and early. We walked around about a dozen of the parcels, making notes of which ones we liked and which we didn’t. We settled on one of them — lot No. 2 — and after a few minutes standing down by the lake in prayer and just plain peacefulness, we made the decision to sign on the dotted line. The day was June 14, 2003. It was a pretty big investment (the lot cost more than our first house).

Are you sure?“, I asked my wife.

You’ve always wanted to live on the lake and this is your favorite lake,” she said. “I love it. Go for it.”

My birthday was a few weeks away and she said, “Happy Birthday“. But it was more like Christmas. Would we really ever live on the lake?

Lucky thing we made our decision when we did. Just as developer Johnny Dollar handed me a bright new green Eagle Point cap, a copy of the deal and said “congratulations” that day, another couple walked in the door and wanted to buy the same lot.

There wasn’t a house on the development then. Only dreams. Today there are a dozen, with a couple in construction now. There’s still room for you. There are some lots on the hill with a view that has to be the prettiest one in Louisiana. There are some with a big lake view and some on the cove. To me, they are like ribeye steaks. There aren’t really any bad ones.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERANow, more than 10 years later from that first trip to see what was going on, I’m proud to say that we have built our house and I’m a resident. And now Eagle Point Properties is helping to bring you lakedarbonnelife.com every day as our newest sponsor.

They have an advertisement on this site and there is also a special page dedicated to the development itself. If you look at the menu bar at the top of the page, you’ll see the “Eagle Point on Lake D’Arbonne” tab. Click it and you can find out how to learn more about the residential and commercial properties available.

Farmerville continues to grow and with other business developing in our area, it’s sure to grow even more as long as people work together and develop a vision for success. Now’s a good time to check out becoming part of it, whether you are right on the lake or just a block away from the neighborhood’s private boat launch. You can check out some of the featured properties available for sale at www.discovereaglepoint.com .

You can also drive by and take a look, or call 318-325-4663 or 318-368-9500 for more information. And while the view of the lake looks good from just about anywhere, it’s never better than from your own deck or back porch.

Why wouldn’t you want to live here, too?




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