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Easter weekend fishing report

With all the crazy weather — cold temps and lots of rain — getting a good fishing report has been like trying to catch a mess of fish. Hit or miss.

Dogwoods are blooming. The official sign that spring fishing is here!

Dogwoods are blooming. The official sign that spring fishing is here!

The temps down in the 30’s this week hasn’t seemed to mess up fish as much as high, muddy water. But it’s spawning time and many of the fish are moving shallow and some good catches are being made. The problem is with muddy water, the fish are on the move, too. Where you catch them one day you may zero out the next. The good news is it should be a great weekend for fishing up until late Sunday, when we do develop a few chances for rain and thunderstorms. We did just have the full moon in April, and that’s a good indicator that it’s time to go fishing. There’s also another indicator, if you’ve been paying attention to the woods as you ride by. A photo here shows that hint in living color…

Here’s the report:

Bass fishing has been pretty spotty on Lake D’Arbonne. There are some good ones being caught shallow on lizards and brush hawg type baits. We’ll have a good report next week because a lot of the area’s top anglers will be going public with their fishing in the Fishers of Men Big Bass Tournament on the Lake Saturday. Look for some whoppers to be caught. Current fishing has been good, but the lake has dropped a little bit this week. The lake was at 81.5 feet at 10 p.m. Thursday night. That’s about 18 inches higher than pool.

Crappie fishing has been slower than normal, but again, some good catches are reported shallow and some good ones are still being caught 4-5 feet deep in 10-12 feet of water. Jigs and shiners are working as well as small spinners. A lot of big males are being caught shallow, which indicates some females have spawned and the males are guarding the nests. A lot of the big females have not spawned yet, though. Bream fishing just hasn’t gotten going yet.  A few catfish are being caught shallow.

At Caney Lake, some good 8-9 pound bass have been reported fishing worms, jigs and other plastics like flukes and swim baits.  Crappie fishing had been pretty good shallow, but the fish have either moved out a little deeper or have shut off the bite the last few days. It won’t be long until the big chinquapins move in to spawn.

The Ouachita River is still high and muddy, but some good bass are being caught in backwater lakes. Last week’s college BASS event showed most anglers catching fish around floating junk or standing trees way back in the backwater. Plastics and spinnerbaits were working best. 

At Lake Claiborne, muddy water has slowed things here with fish on the move. The best bet here is to work your favorite areas and when you catch something, work that area real well. Plastics are working best for bass. Crappie are slow. Bream are slow.



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