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Sparta Water Commission meets Thursday

sparta commissionWater to drink. A lake vital to recreation and the economy in the area.

Can the two co-exist? Members of the Sparta Groundwater Conservation District Commission are tasked with developing plans to ensure our entire region has a suitable drinking water supply today and in the future. Part of the planning underway is the possible use of Lake D’Arbonne as a viable drinking water supply for Farmerville and Ruston. It is also important that those plans ensure preserving the integrity of the most valuable public natural resource in our area — the 16,000 acre lake. If you care about either one, it’s important that you stay informed.

Here’s a good chance: If you want to see what the Commission is doing, you have a great opportunity Thursday at 2 p.m., April 17, when they meet in the Courthouse Annex (Police Jury Bldg) on Water Street in Farmerville.

The Lincoln-Union Water Initiative is a separate group that works with the main Commission. The Initiative group is tasked specifically with studying and developing recommendations regarding the feasibility for the use of Lake D’Arbonne as a drinking water supply and maintaining the lake. They are scheduled to make a report to the Commission as part of Thursday’s agenda.

The issue is that the Sparta Aquifer, where we get our drinking water now, is being used at a faster rate than nature is replinishing it. There’s also a problem with saltwater intrusion in some areas of the aquifer. It’s a very complex situation, one that has been worked on for more than a decade.

Current Commission members are Billy Perritt, Arcadia; Ben Lowery, Homer; Lynn Treadway, Jonesboro; Rick Hohlt, Ruston; Sam Little, Bastrop; Scotty Robbinson, West Monroe; Dan Morgan, Choudrant; Steve Lemmons, Dubberly; Willie Doherty, Winnfield; Eliot Colvin, Rayville; Chris Smith, Arcadia; Carol DeVille, Homer; Ted McKinney, Ruston; Terry Emory, West Monroe; Ann Marie Anderson, Marion; Charles Hughes, Hodge; Jackie Perritt, Farmerville.

If you think this is an important issue, this would be a great meeting for you to attend. Show your interest and learn more about what’s going on. I’m very pleased that the group is meeting in Farmerville to give people that chance. It’s something we will hear a lot more about in the coming months.







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