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Big ones “hit” up Corney

The white perch aren’t the only thing “hitting” in the water up Corney Creek. What do you do when a couple of 50 pounders going 60 miles an hour splash into the water near where you are fishing?

Just keep on fishing. That’s what about 20 boaters sitting out in the channel near the Bernice Bridge did last week. I wasn’t there, so I can’t imagine what it sounded like, but two rear tires from a dually pickup truck came off just West of the bridge. The tires rolled and bounced into the guardrail, went airborne and splashed out in the water among the white perch fisherman.

As far as I can tell, nobody even yelled “Get the Net!”

If you were there are want to add some more details, please email me at darbone1@gmail.com. I’m sure it is a great story. I mean, I’m sure a 50-pound tire and rim traveling 60 miles an hour at least made a splash at least as big as my fishing buddy George falling in….

Anyway, the owner of the truck slid to a stop, went in Lester’s on the Lake and called for a tow truck. Then they went down to the lake to see if the tires were still there. They were, floating around in the middle of the channel. Good Samaritan Casey Kennedy of Farmerville was loading up his boat to go home, but he backed the boat off the trailer, idled out, picked up the tires and brought them back to the bank to the grateful owner.  Good job!

Now there’s a fish story he’ll never get tired of telling.

image-16* Special thanks to Terri Towns of Lester’s for the photo and thank the Lord the tires hit water and not a fisherman !!


One thought on “Big ones “hit” up Corney

  1. This is a fish story worth telling, for sure. Love it! Just glad no one was hurt.

    Posted by bernicebanner | February 28, 2014, 12:362:09 pm

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