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Mother Nature can fool with us

There are all kinds of efforts to keep excessive grass, floating weeds, lilly pads — whatever  you want to call the numerous kinds of aquatic vegetation that are found in Lake D’Arbonne and lakes like it — out of the lake. Some work some of the time.

But Mother Nature must have a sense of humor. Because she lets us think it’s working, then she shows us who is really in charge.  Last year’s drawdown exposed lots of shallow areas and killed some “grass”. But the drawdown created more shallow areas and more grass grew there. Some of the exposed areas even grew some more grass of their own. Some rooted, some floating.

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERADon’t get me wrong — the drawdowns help. But this past month, folks up the arms of the lakes have seen the hot, dry summer get the grass going again. Spraying has had to be done in some areas to kill enough lilly pads to let boaters get to some docks. And down on the big lake, well, heavy rains recently washed out some pretty big floating grass mats from the coves and they are drifting around the lake, looking for new homes where there wasn’t any grass before. D’Arbonne by know means has a vegetation problem, but there are a few problem areas. You have that whether it is a one-acre pond or a 100,000 acre lake.

Here’s the point. Aquatic vegetation can be managed to some extent, but don’t look for any miracles here. Just roll with the punches and remember, unless it becomes noxious, it’s basically good for the fish food chain that leads to good fishing. If you want to hear a different opinion, just ask somebody. Everybody’s got one.

In the meantime, you might as well have a good laugh with Mother Nature and just go fishing.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA


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