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Smile. You’re on candid deer cam!

Technology is becoming a good friend of outdoorsmen. There are all kinds of techno gadgets like GPS and just about anything you need outdoors, there’s an app for that.

The benefits go further than just making hunting, fishing and other activities better. Consider this. Thieves roaming the woods during hunting seasons is nothing new. It’s an extreme and expensive annoyance for hunters who have their camps broken into, vandalism on deer stands, etc.  But there’s a new high-tech weapon that is making hunters the hammer and the crooks the nail.  It’s deer cams. And the cameras aren’t aimed at just deer feeders anymore.

They are aimed at camps, club parking lots, deer stands themselves and other property out in the woods.  These cameras can capture the license plate on a vehicle or facial features that make it easy to identify thieves. And the camo cameras are hard to spot. Even Facebook and text messages are becoming tools in the fight against crime. Here are two quick stories:

This actually happened in Union Parish this week:  Deer cameras assisted in the arrest of an Arkansas man by Union Parish sheriff’s deputies on burglary charges. He was booked after being caught by the very hunters he was allegedly robbing. Sheriff Dusty Gates said his department received a complaint last week from a Spearsville hunting club which reported camps were broken into and items stolen. The hunters put up deer cameras in hopes of getting some clues.

The victims called back Friday, saying their camps had been burglarized again, but they had photographs of a suspect and his dog. They had seen the alleged criminal around the camp and late Saturday evening, deer camdeputies were sent back to the hunting camp, where they found the hunters holding the man in the photos at the scene after they found him stranded. He ran out of gas. Deputies looked inside the man’s van and identified several stolen items.

I have a suggestion — it would be worth the expense to put up a few extra cameras even if you are not having problems now. It’s not a bad tool to have on the boat dock, either, in case anybody messes with your stuff. Plus, you might be able to get a couple of pictures of what everybody’s fishing with! Seriously, if you use a camera, then, if you do have trouble, you’ll probably already have evidence of who it was.

Four-wheeler recovered: Last Saturday, news reports show that the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s Office received a complaint of a stolen ATV and trailer from Monroe. The police responded, but friends also posted copies of the photo on Facebook and in text messages within minutes and the word – plus pictures – spread like wildfire. It didn’t take long for a Louisiana State Trooper to find the truck and they provided deputies with the identity of the driver, leading to an arrest.

Police were able to look at video footage of the suspect entering the neighborhood in his truck and leaving with the trailer and ATV behind. OPSO investigators also said that they felt this case would lead to other similar crimes being cleared up.

Smile, even when the NSA isn’t watching, you still might be on a deer cam!


One thought on “Smile. You’re on candid deer cam!

  1. Love it!! Smile you are on Candid Camera…oops that is dating me, isn’t it? Jessie

    Posted by bernicebanner | October 16, 2013, 12:361:20 pm

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