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Don’t blink….

10934031-largeIf you go to Saturday and Sunday’s Deep South Racing Association boat races on D’Arbonne, don’t blink — especially if you are watching entrants in the “Outlaw” class of racers. These boats can reach speeds of 120 miles per hour in a drag race of only an eighth of a mile. Check your e-mail, reach in the ice chest for a cold one or blink at the wrong time and you’ll just get a glimpse of what you see in the photo to the left.

“Outlaw” class boats can burn any kind of fuel they want and have no horsepower limits. The main restriction they have in order to win is to be able to keep the fastest boat in the water — upright!

There are seven classes of boats from unaltered ski and bass boats to the Outlaws that will be competing in the straightaway along Ramp Road beside the Hwy. 33 bridge.  Races will start at 11 a.m. each day. Get there early to get a good seat! There is an admission charge to access the main viewing area — $10 per person with children under six free. If you want to bring an ice chest, there is a $10 fee as well. Local law enforcement water patrols will be on hand to keep local boaters a safe distance from the race course.

The seven categories of race boats are unaltered performance boats, super stock, lake racer, modified production, pro stock drag boats, pro-gas lightweights and the “outlaws”.

Around 60 racers and their boats from several states are expected for the event.  Several of the boaters have already been in town several days this week checking out their boats and the course. Locals Mitch and Matt Ludwig of Ludwig Marine will both be in the competition and they are largely responsible for bringing the races to Farmerville. Kudos to them for doing that! And good luck at the races.



2 thoughts on “Don’t blink….

  1. Si, first of all, when you work graveyard, you get enough sleep while on the job. From what I hear, nothing keeps you awake at work. Second, if you are trying to sleep at home, the noise won’t bother you any more while you try to sleep than your snoring will bother the racers as they try to figure out what the strange noises are and where they care coming from.

    Posted by darbone1 | June 22, 2013, 12:3610:34 am
  2. If I’m working “graveyard” will the noise from the boats keep me awake???

    Posted by Si | June 22, 2013, 12:369:43 am

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