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New limit official; Latest fishing report

This is a two-part post:

O N E :      It’s official. Governor Jindal has autographed HB 719. That means the daily limit for white Fifty-Dollar-Bill-205056perch will go back up to 50 per person on Lake D’Arbonne and will take effect on August 1, 2013.  As you heard here first yesterday, HB 719 by Rep. Howard raising the possession limit for crappie on Toledo Bend to 100 and returning the daily creel limit for crappie on Lake D’Arbonne to 50 was pending the Governor’s signature and a 20-day waiting period to become law. He signed it Wednesday. He probably read lakedarbonnelife.com and knew we were all interested in the final outcome…


T W O :     Let’s go fishing! If you’ve been waiting for fishing to get HOT, now’s the time you’ve been waiting for. Unless you go early in the morning, it’s going to be HOT!!! The thunderstorms we’ve had the past few days have cooled it off some. In fact, if you can get on the lake the hour or so before the pressure drops and there is a storm, there’s no better time to find the fish biting. If you see it lightening, even in the distance, there’s no better time to get your tail back to the bank and under cover!

Okay, I know. That’s a weather report. The real “fishing report” on the other hand, is just lukewarm. Here at Lake D’Arbonne, bream and catfish are biting really well pretty much all day. They are being caught shallow near the banks and on the flats. Most do not have eggs any more, but the bream are bedded up and the catfish are on the prowl.

Bass fishing is still good on a variety of baits, from jigs to worms. Usually by this time of year, it slows down a bit, but you can tell by the results of recent tournaments that the fish are still biting. Some of the larger bass are being caught on the channel edges in 8-12 feet of water on deep-diving crank baits and big creature plastic baits. Night fishing is also picking up. And that’s one good way to beat the heat. If you want to catch a mess of white perch, you still can. But it won’t be a very big mess and it will take a while. Fishing is only fair and mostly in deeper water around creeks and deeper flats near creeks. Fish are scattered.

If you plan to fish here, don’t forget the upcoming BOAT RACES out from the Folly Beach area on June 22-23. It will be a great event for the lake, but if you just want to go fishing, I’d suggest another part of the lake or a good set of earplugs!

200x200px-ZC-3c2f0119_stiperFishing is pretty much the same story for Lake Claiborne. Bream and catfish are biting. An added bonus at Claiborne is the striper fishing. It is picking up some in deeper water on jigs and bucktails. Bass fishing is fair and night fishing is picking up here too. 

The big bass fishing at Caney Lake has slowed down, but schooling fish are offering some action. Some good reports of crappie also this week. Fish are in deeper water and around brush or humps out in the lake. Water temps have really come up this week.

The Ouachita River has been looking pretty yucky. The river is muddy and the rise isn’t helping fishing. Keep your eyes on the river, though. When it starts a fall, bass fishing should get good around the points  and in river lakes, even if the water is still muddy. Bayou D’Arbonne continues to produce some bass and white perch. Reports for other fish are scarce.

If you go, have fun. And be safe.


3 thoughts on “New limit official; Latest fishing report

  1. If you couldn’t catch your limit before what difference does it make it they raised it to 100, plus the change to 25 wasn’t done with evidence of a scientific study but rather on a whim.

    Posted by Gene Colin | September 11, 2013, 12:3610:28 am
  2. So, let me try to wrap my arms around what just happened ! The people who live around Lake D’Arbonne and support this area with Our taxes, who by the way just recently voiced our vote and collectively ruled the new 25 fish limit into law, were ignored by Our Great Leaders and they erased our ruling and re-instated the 50 fish rule. Is this the sum of what just happened ? So for Our future knowledge, what’s the point of even caring what happens to Our Lake, We really don’t have a voice any more!!!

    Posted by Skip Boyd | June 20, 2013, 12:361:46 pm
  3. Sounds to me like he autographed a guarantee you won’t ever be able to catch your limit now. You had a hard enough time with the smaller limit…..

    Posted by Little George | June 20, 2013, 12:3610:42 am

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