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Maxi Mini Cats

What’s a maxi mini cat?

Well, maybe this will help. I went down to the boat dock just after daybreak a few days ago and was straightening up a few things.  It was pretty calm, so I picked up a MINI cast and put a worm on it and tossed it out close to one of the Tupelo Gum trees near the bank in about three feet of water. I was trying to see if one of the 2013 bream had arrived near my dock yet.

I just kind of sat there for a minute and nothing. I moved it about a foot.  A few seconds later the bobber started doing what it was supposed to do when a fish is biting (bobbing . . .) and I set the hook. Ziiiiiinnngggg!!!   It was obvious this was no bream, 2013 sports model or not.

A few minutes, and I do mean minutes, later, I managed to get the big fish up to the surface. It rolled and then dove, leaving a “hole”  in the water about the size of a Shaq sized commode flushing. It was a huge channel catfish!  After a few more minutes, I managed to work it around to the side of the dock where the dip net hangs on a nail for just such occasions. After a few more minutes, and a really well functioning drag system on my reel,  I might add, I coaxed her into the net.

Whew!  After stretching her out across the top of the ice chest and seeing that she hung over both ends, I weighed her:  5 pounds, 14 ounces!  Since I was fishing with only 6 pound test line, that was about the MAXImum size CATfish I think I could have caught on my MINI cast.  Unless, of course, you want to make a big deal about having two ounces to spare…  Thus: Maxi Mini Cats!



One thought on “Maxi Mini Cats

  1. We are enjoying your site…let us know when you have an ‘eagle sighting… We are on Downville side and have only seen him once… Our group have caught enough white perch to have a spring fling with the ‘grands’…Turtle hunting and fishing have been the grandchildren activities… Too cold for water sports..enjoying Lake D’Arbonne and all it has to offer.

    Posted by Polly Kincaid | April 24, 2013, 12:3611:35 am

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