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Lake life

Celebrating Earth Day!

I gotta tell you, I’m into Earth Day!

Why?  Do you know that 70.8% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water? To me, that means we should be on the water (preferably fishing) 7 times as much as we are on land (like working, mowing the yard, etc.).

So I celebrated Earth Day yesterday by hitting the boat dock for a little fishing. Apparently the fish were off celebrating, too, because they weren’t biting. That’s okay, it was, after all, an official EARTH holiday!

This spring I have been celebrating in numerous ways. My favorite? Using natural live earthworms and organic shiners to catch fish from the living waters and then frying them in 100 percent peanut oil along with French Fries cut right from fresh google-earth-day-logo-2013potatoes dug from the Earth. And I eat them on paper plates, which are recyclable and made from a renewable resource. How much more natural can you get than that? Just call me Earth Man!

And I’ve even been letting the weeds grow in the yard and flowerbeds. Now that Earth Day is over, I may have to take a more man-made approach using a – excuse me – gasoline engine to take care of that, though. I noticed my wife eyeing the situation this past weekend. Hey, I’m even in favor of saving the Black Bear, except around November when LSU plays the ones from Oxford, Miss.

Okay, seriously

Earth Day is an important day because it does call our attention to the fact that we are stewards of this land and water that we call home. It is important to be responsible, honor and respect our God-given environment and take care of it. It doesn’t mean we have to live in clay huts and eat leaves or start a fan club to save the polar bears, but conservation and environmental awareness are important. Do your part. And help teach young people that it is important.


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