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For the most part, Jerry Taylor is a pretty nice guy. Unless he takes you fishing. Then he’s brutal. All in KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAfun, though.

You want to borrow one of these baits?“, he asks as he lands his third white perch while I’m still trying to figure out what color crappie nibble to use. Yes, Jerry, I think I do.   And the whole trip, it went something like that.

Jerry, why is my end of the boat in 10 foot of water and your end of the boat in 25 feet of water?” I asked. It must have been the wind.

You want some cheese crackers?” Jerry asked. “You might as well eat something if you aren’t going to help me catch fish.” I took the cheese crackers.

Jerry and I have been trying to get together to go fishing for almost a year, but since both of us are retired, we have very busy schedules, you see. But we made it a few days ago. Jerry is the Head Honcho of the Union Parish Chamber of Commerce and he has to do all he can to promote the area. I had asked Jerry to teach me a little bit about fishing in deeper water for white perch and he obliged. But I didn’t know he was going to take me to school on it. It was a fun trip, though. I think Jerry ended up beating me by one (Lucky it’s my blog and I get to do the reporting). We caught about 30 white perch fishing jigs in the channel on D’Arbonne.

I can’t share all of Jerry’s secrets, but some of his best tips include:

1) You have to be on the fish. A depth finder transducer on the trolling motor is a necessity. And if the fish are showing at 12 feet deep, then you have to fish 12 feet deep. Fishing above and below them won’t do much good.

2) Find a bait you have confidence in and stick with it. Jerry likes plastic tails on a jig head. Use an additional weight to keep the bait down where the fish are.

3) Use a Crappie Nibble on your jig. They entice the fish to hit. And hey, if one is good, then two must be better. And speaking of two, Jerry also likes to use two jigs, spaced about a foot apart.

4) Every once in a while take a deep water novice with you. It will help you build your confidence when you take him to school…..


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