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Erroneous Vernal Equinox?

While some of my buddies like George are trying to figure out exactly what this headline means, I’ll tell you — it isn’t a typo.

I just think that the Vernal Equinox may have made a mistake. The Vernal Equinox is that moment when SEASONS_01the sun crosses directly over the Earth’s equator when both day and night are about equal and it’s the official start of a new season, Spring in this case. It happened this past Wednesday.  If I were a Weather Man, I’d try to explain it better, but I’m not, so I’m not.  But the fact that official “Spring” is here and it’s still freezing and blustery makes me wonder if Old “Vern”  could have made a mistake this year. I have included a chart to the right to explain it. Any questions?

I mean, I went fishing Wednesday to celebrate the coming of “Spring”. It was cold. I wore my insulated underwear. I wore my jacket. I ended up with my face red, but it wasn’t from the sun. It was a cold wind burn.  Does anybody know where old Al Gore is? I have a few questions for him about his Global Warming Fairy Tale.

Thursday and Friday didn’t offer much more of a glimpse of what I think Spring is than did Wednesday. Even the fish are confused. At least that’s my excuse this week for not catching many.


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