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Another BEAR sighting

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to my friend Bear (March 6 blog).  Bear came down to Louisiana to fish and we didn’t do much good because he brought 30 MPH winds with him from Oklahoma.  We tried it again a few days ago and did a bit better.

photo-13We caught some nice D’Arbonne white perch on jigs and shiners, in spite of his funny looking Yankee flapper fishing hat. We baited a few yo-yo’s around the boat dock, mostly so I could keep Bear busy between the time I knew he would wake up at 4 a.m. and my usual early rising time of 8 a.m. We caught a couple of white perch, a couple of catfish and a, well, I’ll let Bear tell it:  “Hey, man, we caught about a four pound bass on one of the yo-yo’s this morning. It almost straightened out the hook, but I got him and put him in the livewell.”

We had plenty of fish to eat for our evening fish fry. Besides, as a member of the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society, I’m not allowed to catch a bass on a yo-yo. So I went down to turn the big bass loose and got a big surprise.  Ahem….Bear, in Oklahoma, they may call that a bass. But down here, it’s Mr. Goo.  His first name is “Gasper”. A drum.  A freshwater redfish. In Bear’s defense, it was dark and maybe he had his sunglasses on ….  “Man, I didn’t know. I haven’t bass fished in like 15 years and we don’t have those goo things up in Oklahoma.  You aren’t going to put that in your blog, I hope“, Bear said.

Of course not. I wouldn’t even think of it.


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