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Let them eat cake?

Remember your history lesson about Marie Antoinette, the 1700’s Queen of France who heard the peasants had no bread to eat, so she said, “let them eat cake”? Well, she didn’t have anything on somebody at the Louisiana Department of Health these days. Volunteers at a rescue mission in Shreveport have been forced by state … Continue reading

Quack Pack is Back, Jack (tonight!)

On the day that the new season of “Duck Dynasty” season debuts, we have some disturbing news. Can you imagine hearing these words:  “Phil Robertson, report to makeup“.  Makeup? Surely they meant black and green camo face paint. Phil Robertson to makeup? The Duck Commander? Smoothing out the rough spots on the old forehead with … Continue reading

Fishing/weather report

Fishing reports are about as predictable as the stock market. Things are looking great, then the “fishing” market goes down 250 points just like the DOW.  Fishing has been picking up, but after last evening’s storm front, it could set things back a few days. Wind advisories have been the norm lately. And it’s anybody’s … Continue reading

Petal to the metal!

On a day when much of America’s sportsdom focused on a big car race somewhere, a Mississippi angler was setting the “Pace” to win $500,000 as champion of the 2013 BASS Masters Classic on Grand Lake near Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cliff Pace of Petal, Miss., now owns what only 33 others can claim: a Bassmaster Classic … Continue reading

Fishing for money

Today, as we go to church, enjoy our day of rest and spend time with friends and family, a group of men are busy on Grand Lake in Tulsa, Oklahoma, trying to rise to the top of their professional career for the year by winning the largest share of $500,000 in prize money as champion … Continue reading

The “nibble” before the bite

They smell funny. In fact, they stink. They don’t last long.  They get all over your hands, then your clothes, your boat, etc.  And they are kind of expensive for a jar of near nothing. But they are a necessity for catching white perch on a regular basis:  Crappie Nibbles.  Crappie Bites. Whatever you want … Continue reading

CLASSIC Snowboating

Some of the 53 contestants in the BASS Masters Classic, which begins today, are trying to make themselves believe that this year’s championship in northeastern Oklahoma in February isn’t about the weather.  Yeah, right. It isn’t about the 20 degrees weather or the wind chill factor of near ZERO or the snow or the frozen … Continue reading

Darbonne “Slabs” featured

The spring “slabs” of Lake D’Arbonne are featured in this month’s north Louisiana segment on the Louisiana Fishing website. If you haven’t checked out the state’s newest promotional piece on fishing, take time to do so. The site is just getting going, but will be full of useful information for state and out-of-state anglers. Check … Continue reading

A great McFish Story!

As readers of lakedarbonnelife.com, it’s important that you know there is a group out there that we can’t do without.  It’s our sponsors. And we’ve got a great new one today — McDonald’s of Farmerville.  It’s a milestone for the website. I’ll let Herb Hutchison tell you how it happened yesterday as he described it … Continue reading


No, not me. THE LAKE !!!!. The wind made her mad yesterday!  Really mad. She was BOILING. It was not a good day to be on the lake. Not even a good day to be near the lake. The waves were cresting at about three feet high because of consistent 15 to 25 mile an … Continue reading

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