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The “nibble” before the bite


They smell funny. In fact, they stink. They don’t last long.  They get all over your hands, then your clothes, your boat, etc.  And they are kind of expensive for a jar of near nothing.

But they are a necessity for catching white perch on a regular basis:  Crappie Nibbles.  Crappie Bites. Whatever you want to call them. They are little chartreuse, white or yellow little pencil eraser sized bait enhancers. And boy, in the spring, they really attract the white perch. Sometimes I think the fish are hitting them instead of the jig or mini-spinner. Some folks think you have to use a “nibble” before you can get a bite. They may be right. My personal favorite is the chartreuse with gold glitter, but they come in all kinds of colors. It’s hard to fish with these little rascals and keep it a secret. Usually you have little pieces of glitter on everything you touch for about three days after you use them. They fall apart because they are mushy. I heard that you can put them in the microwave for about 20 seconds and when they cool down, they are tougher. But man, can you imagine the smell?

If you use them, you probably won’t like everybody else knowing. If you don’t use them, then you probably need to. One little hint. If you fish with a partner, get two bottles. Nothing is more likely to start a fight when the fish start really biting than having to get the nibble bottle away from your partner in the back of the boat!


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