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Dynamite, sweet tea and a fishing report

I think I’m ready for fishing season. I didn’t get any new USEFUL fish baits for Christmas, but I did get a Si Robertson bobble-head, complete with a gallon jug of sweet tea and signature plastic Tupperware cup.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

I also got two Redneck Fishing Lures. They are 10-inch long red sticks of fake dynamite! They did not appear real, although the insinuation from friends and family members who gave them to me was that I might need these to catch fish. After further examination, I did discover that when exposed to the right amount of heat, they will indeed explode. However, instead of a big “boom”, there would only be a series of “pops”.  The “dynamite”, you see, is full of popcorn.

Here’s something you are probably more interested in: A fishing report, as it is.  The water situation and changing temps have fish on the move. Success hasn’t been great this week. However, with the weather we are looking at this weekend, there is bound to be a lot of action on the water, even with the threat of some rain.

At Lake D’Arbonne, the white perch bite is off a bit. There are still a few being caught in the channels. It won’t be long until some of the big ones start heading to shallower water. I haven’t confirmed reports, but the fish should be moving into the sloughs and staging areas in the next couple of weeks. That depends on the weather. And from the looks of the forecast at the end of today’s report, the weather is going to be warmer, even though there is a chance of rain Friday and Saturday. The water is still a bit cold for bass, but some are probably moving up into the shallows. Lure presentations have to be slow and are best with a large bait, like big spinnerbait, jig and pig, or heavy plastic lure.

Reports are that the white perch bite at Lake Claiborne has been off from where it was, too. Fairly good catches were being taken out in the open water at the spillway, but judging by the fact that more fishermen were boat riding that fishing for long periods of time the past few days, that has slowed. Bass are fair on plastics and jigs, but nothing consistent.

The Ouachita River finally got a rise from all the rain and it is muddy and swollen. No reports of success there, although I’m sure that if you are a good river fisherman, you can get some action.

One word of advice you can count on: Never, ever let a BAD FISHING REPORT keep you from going fishing.

Chance of Rain
63 | 41 °F
Chance of Rain 20%
Friday, 25
Chance of Rain
48 | 43 °F
Chance of Rain30%
Saturday, 26
Chance of Rain
57 | 46 °F
Chance of Rain 50%
Sunday, 27
66 | 59 °F
No chance of rain


One thought on “Dynamite, sweet tea and a fishing report

  1. Like the bobblehead – everyone at 3101 Roxbury Road likes Duck Dynasty.

    Posted by Susan Keith | January 27, 2013, 12:3611:19 am

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