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Sitting pretty

Now I know what some of the fish around my part of the lake have been knowing for a while.

Earlier this summer, a piece of patio furniture disappeared from the deck down on the lake. We had some pretty bad storms, but I just knew the wind couldn’t have blown a metal chair in the lake. And why would somebody steal one of six chairs from around the deck table? Somehow, it got knocked off while I battled a big fish or some big bird or critter ran into it and sent it for a swim. At this point, It doesn’t matter.

Mystery solved.  This past week, as the water steadily dropped, the empty chair slowly showed up on the bottom of the lake, looking like something from a Clint Eastwood political speech…okay, I won’t go there.  Anyway. I guess it’s been on the bottom of the lake all along, but now it’s just sitting pretty there in the mud.  It’s sitting upright like somebody has been using it all along, only it’s been under four feet of water.

I figure that with four or six hours of hard, steady work, I could clean away the mud and the algae. I could sand away the peeling paint and repaint it.  Hmmm… I think I’m gonna leave it for the fish. We’ve got plenty of places to sit and it’s the only chair the fish have around my dock.

And who knows, some big old bass my be feeling lazy this spring and spawn right there in the chair.  She better not get too comfortable, though, or I’m liable to slowly dance a jig off the arm and into her lap in a manner she can’t refuse. Get the Net!


One thought on “Sitting pretty

  1. Are all the launches still open?

    Posted by MrPaul | September 28, 2012, 12:367:16 pm

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