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Good enough to keep

One of the nicest people I ever met in my fishing travels was Homer Circle. “Uncle Homer”, as he was known, was one of America’s premier fishermen and outdoor writers. He penned works for BASSMasters, Outdoor Life and wrote numerous books and hosted numerous fishing shows. He invented many early fishing baits and perfected them … Continue reading

Enter at your own risk

I had to stop and laugh for a minute when Steve Cagle answered my question: “Are all the boat ramps still open on Lake D’Arbonne?” Several readers have asked that very question through lakedarbonnelife.com. You could tell Steve has been on the D’Arbonne Lake Commission long enough to know how to give a politically correct … Continue reading

Pas Tout La

The 2012 Louisiana alligator season officially draws to a close in a couple of days. When we think about alligators these days, we usually think “Swamp People” — Troy, Bruce, Joe, Tommy, Lizbeth….et al. Gator stories are more prevalent than fish stories these days. Louisiana’s south Louisiana season got off to a rough start because … Continue reading

Sitting pretty

Now I know what some of the fish around my part of the lake have been knowing for a while. Earlier this summer, a piece of patio furniture disappeared from the deck down on the lake. We had some pretty bad storms, but I just knew the wind couldn’t have blown a metal chair in … Continue reading

Busy weekend on the Ouachita

If you want to make a peaceful, quiet fishing trip on the Ouachita River or Bayou D’Arbonne this week, you better go today!  Starting tomorrow and going through Sunday, the Media Bass team circuit will be coming on the river out of Forsythe Landing in Monroe. Besides the regular fishermen and boaters, more than 100 … Continue reading

She’s starting to show…

No, I’m not talking about an expectant mom. I’m talking about Lady D’Arbonne and she’s starting to show. Stumps. Flats. Man-made fishing structure…the whole deal that’s usually underwater is showing at Lake D’Arbonne. The lake is really dropping and Steve Cagle of the D’Arbonne Lake Commission has asked us to remind boaters to use extra … Continue reading

D’Arbonne Lake level

The water level continues to drop at a steady pace during the 2012 Lake D’Arbonne drawdown. So far, the lake has dropped just over three feet below pool stage. Here’s a chart showing yesterday’s level and a trend over the past five days:

The Egret and the boys

They were both different. Yet, they were both the same. The Egret and the boys. First, a lone Egret sat on what was left of a big Lake D’Arbonne cypress tree stump out on a shallow flat not far from the bank.  The Egret sat motionless for a few minutes, then dove beak first into … Continue reading

It’s more than hunting & fishing

Hunting and fishing is about more than hunting and fishing. The list is too long to put here in this short space, but it includes just spending time outdoors, driving conservation of our wildlife, forests and waterways; fun, recreation, family time….you get the drift. I was a sports & outdoor writer at the Monroe Morning … Continue reading

Ghost of summer passed (I hope)

A picture is worth a thousand words, so as much as I like to write and talk, I’ll let the picture above tell you about what the past few mornings have looked like on Lake D’Arbonne.  Peaceful looking, isn’t it? I’d call that picture “Ghost of Summer Passed”. First, because it’s kind of eerie looking … Continue reading

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