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Enter at your own risk

I had to stop and laugh for a minute when Steve Cagle answered my question:

“Are all the boat ramps still open on Lake D’Arbonne?”

Several readers have asked that very question through lakedarbonnelife.com. You could tell Steve has been on the D’Arbonne Lake Commission long enough to know how to give a politically correct answer to a question like that.

“Tell them all the ramps are open  — at your own risk”, he said.

That is the best answer I can think of in this situation. Sometimes during a drawdown things change day to day.  I can tell you this. First of all, the public ramp off Hwy. 33 that us old timers call “Jake’s” is still open and probably will be for the duration of the drawdown.  The bad side to that is that all day Friday, so many boats had put in there that the late comers were parking up on the highway. The lot was full.  The old roadbed ramp across from there is pretty shallow.

Here’s something that will help.  The Lake Commission has put bright orange 2 X 4‘s at the end of the concrete on every public ramp.  If you back past those  2 X 4‘s, you’ll either hit mud or gravel. Some of the ramps have 8-10 feet of gravel at the end. Either way, there will probably be a “bump” at best. Be careful.

Second, as I was speaking to Steve late Friday on his cell phone, he was putting a big bass rig in the lake from the old roadbed ramp off Hwy. 2  (Bernice Hwy.) just across from Lester’s.  It was in good shape, he said, and looked like it would be with another foot or so of drop in the lake.

Steve also said the big ramp at the spillway “should be” good to go for now as well.  Again, the ramps are open at your own risk. Check them out BEFORE you back down. If you don’t see any other vehicles with trailers at the ramp,check it out REAL good. Unless it’s 2 a.m., there’s probably a reason you are the only one there.


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