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Don’t be an idiot

Lake D’Arbonne is once again high. It happens when it rains a lot. The lake drains a humongous basin and it can’t be controlled. Managed somewhat, yes, but not controlled. It’s a lake. It has done this for 60 years. And before the water can get down the two big creeks and over the spillway, it has to pass through a relatively little bitty opening under the Hwy. 33 bridge.

While the water is high, if you use the lake in a boat, don’t be an idiot. Slow down, don’t kick up a wake – especially near property like boat docks and decks – and act like you’ve got some sense. Don’t be the cause of boards washing off structures or banks eroding. If you don’t know how to drive a boat, ask someone. It’s okay. Everybody has to learn.

Here’s a nicer way of saying that from a lakefront property owner who does way more than her share the make the most of the lake and surrounding area. She also offers a great link at the end to help educate you on how to better handle situations like this in an intelligent manner.

Thank you, Stephanie Herrmann for your Facebook post heading into the weekend:

“Doing some last minute things before renters check in today (picking up trash washed up) while surveying the high water on the beach. No sooner had I gotten inside when a pontoon boat driving fast drove not 30 yards from the beach and the new seawall we just completed ( well mostly completed).

“I just stared at him then went back inside and read a 68 page report about the damaging impact of boat wake on shoreline erosion. Conclusion: It’s not the boat wake itself but the proximity to the shore and speed that causes the most damage. And this educational message is brought to you by…


As always, be safe. And be especially careful for floating stuff, especially floating logs.


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