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Ouachita River hostsing Bracket Crappie Challenge

A new concept in competitive crappie fishing is getting it’s first test on the Ouachita River this weekend with $15,000 on the line for the winners with a full 100-boat field.

The first ever Bracket Showdown is set to take place on the Ouachita River in Monroe/West Monroe on August 4th, 5th, and 6th.

How The Bracket Showdown Will Work

With a full field of 100 teams, Day 1 will feature a random draw to produce 50 head-to-head matchups. Each team will be allowed to weigh in 7 fish, with the highest weight in each matchup advancing on to Day 2 (meaning 50 teams will advance). After Day 1, all team weights will zero out.

On Day 2, the 50 teams that advanced from the previous day will create 25 head-to-head matchups, while the 50 teams that lost on Day 1 will enter into a tournament-style elimination.

The 25 winning head-to-head matchup teams will advance on to Championship Saturday. Additionally, the top 5 heaviest weights from the Day 2 head-to-head matchup losers will advance, as will the top 5 heaviest weights from the 50 tournament-style elimination teams that lost on Day 1, giving a total of 35 boats for Championship Saturday.

On Championship Saturday, the 35 teams will once again start from zero on the scales and have a full day to weigh in a limit of 7 fish with tournament-style action determining the Bracket Showdown winner. No announcement has been made about how many teams actually entered, but we will share that and weigh in times/locations with you as soon as we can find out.

Prizes will be as follows, based on a full 100-boat field:

1st Place = $15,000
2nd Place = $7,500
3rd Place = $4,500
4th Place = $3,250
5th Place = $2,250
6th Place = $1,500
7th Place = $1,250
8th Place = $1,050
9th Place = $900
10th Place = $800
11th thru 20th Place = $500


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