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Mega news for Lake D’Arbonne!

There are some big goings-on up at Lake D’Arbonne. While a lot of them are still in the planning stage, the first steps have been taken and funding is on the way to get things started. There has been talk of a Mega Ramp for more than a decade, but it has never really gotten … Continue reading

Don’t be an idiot

Lake D’Arbonne is once again high. It happens when it rains a lot. The lake drains a humongous basin and it can’t be controlled. Managed somewhat, yes, but not controlled. It’s a lake. It has done this for 60 years. And before the water can get down the two big creeks and over the spillway, … Continue reading

Peyton McKinnie: Why does he do it?

If you live in Union Parish and you never heard of Peyton McKinnie, you probably don’t know there’s a big lake up there in Farmerville, either. Peyton is a one-man traveling promotion team for Union Parish and its rich outdoor resources. Hardly a week goes by that he isn’t out going somewhere, organizing something or … Continue reading

Crappie show slow on the Ouachita

The turnout was extremely low, the weather was hot and the big crappie didn’t want to bite. But at the end of three days of hard fishing in the Ouachita River Bracket Showdown this past weekend, Texas fishermen Jordan Sanders and Jason Holleman didn’t care. They bested the 28-team field to win $10,000. The Mississippi … Continue reading

Ouachita River hostsing Bracket Crappie Challenge

A new concept in competitive crappie fishing is getting it’s first test on the Ouachita River this weekend with $15,000 on the line for the winners with a full 100-boat field. The first ever Bracket Showdown is set to take place on the Ouachita River in Monroe/West Monroe on August 4th, 5th, and 6th. How … Continue reading

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