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Nick Young is Shriner’s Champ!

Nick Young is not new to the winner’s circle, so it’s no surprise that the former guide and tournament champion on Lake D’Arbonne cashed the winner’s check in the Barak Shriners Crappie Tournament Saturday. The one big fish tournament with overall and hourly prizes was a fund-raiser for the Shriners’ Hospital, which has been faced with needing funds when so many events over the past two years had to be cancelled. Farmerville’s Josh Harris, a local enforcement agent with the LDWF and a Shriner, organized the event. Dale Taylor served as weighmaster for the event.

Taylor and Harris

Here are the overall winners of the tournament:

6:30-8a hour:

1st- Dennis Bratton 1.61

2nd- Chris Fields 1.18

3rd- Shane Hodge .86

Dink- Shane Hodge .23

8a-10a hour:

1st- Zac Harrell 1.64

2nd- Chris Fields 1.57

3rd- Jonathan Menting 1.53

Dink- Cole Cantrell .68

10a-12p hour:

1st- Fields/Rogers 1.76 Tie

2nd- Nick Young 1.47

3rd- Brad Isaac 1.46

Dink- Harrell/Isaac .14 Tie

12p-2p Hour:

1st- Nick Young 1.58

2nd- Chris Fields 1.55

3rd- Heath Rogers 1.51

Dink- Shane Hodge .11

2p-4p Hour:

1st- Nick Young 1.87

2nd- Chris Fields 1.76

3rd- Heath Rogers 1.64

Dink- Charles Landry .16

4p-6p Hour:

1st- Heath Rogers 1.72

2nd- Shane Hodge 1.57

3rd- Chris Fields 1.50

Dink- Shane Hodge .06

Overall Big Fish

1st- Nick Young 1.87

2nd- Heath Rogers 1.76

3rd- Chris Fields 1.76

Overall Heavy Stringer

1st- Chris Fields 8.14

2nd- Heath Rogers 8.13

3rd- Nick Young 7.82

Big Fish Fruit Jar

Nick Young

Heavy Stringer Fruit Jar

Chris Fields

Putting on this event and raising money for the Shriner’s is more than just a passing fancy for Harris that also goes right to the core of why he is a Shriner.

“When I was younger, I had a leg issue that landed me in the Shriner’s Hospital,” he said. “Obviously I don’t remember a lot about it, but I know they helped me a lot. Then, when my daughter was born in 2014, she had bilateral clubfoot and ended up in two full leg casts when she was a week old. When it was all over, the Shriners took care of everything. It didn’t cost us a dime.”

Nick’s wife also was proud of not only him winning the tournament, but the Shriners’ work as well. She shared this on Facebook: “Nick fished in the Barak Shriners Crappie Tournament and won 1st overall big fish! Him fishing this tournament was even more special to me since I was a patient at Shriners until I was 18.”

This one was a keeper! You can see more pictures and information on the Barak Shriners Crappie tournament Facebook page.


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