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Adams’ slab makes the record book, too

Steve Adams and his 3.57

There’s no doubt what Jed Clampit of the Beverly Hillbillies TV show would have said:

“Weeell, doggies”

Steve Adams of Farmerville would agree. Adams was fishing with Shane Hodges at Bussey Brake when Hodges caught a 3.65 pound crappie that Adams had hooked, but the fish got off. Hodges’ fish is No. 2 in the state records.

Adams knew there were some more big fish in the same place, so he had to go back and try to make amends. He did.

Adams caught a 3.57 this past Monday at Bussey, which will also be No. 4 in the state records.

Weeell, doggies! You young folks will just have to YouTube that…

Adams fished up and down the same stretch at Bussey as Shane and he had fished. He caught his fish within 100 yards of where Shane did. He saw the big fish on his electronics and got right over him. He dropped a jig with a shiner on it and the slab knocked it hard, but just got the shiner. Adams rebaited and gave the fish another chance.

It took it. Adams carefully got it to the side of the boat and when he got it in the boat, he said he was totally out of breath. And he was relieved to have made amends for missing his chance at a personal best earlier.

Adams said the fish have been on the thick brushlines and darting out into deeper water to feed, but with warm temps hitting this week, they’ll be moving up on the flats and into cover to spawn. And they should continue to bite well the coming few weeks.


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