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Haven and a spike from an earlier hunt

I’ve written a lot of stories about monster bucks and lunker largemouths. But when it comes to the heart of outdoor pursuits, it’s hard to top this one. It comes from Corey Harris and centers on a recent trip in the woods with his kids. Here’s Corey’s story about his daughter, Haven:

“This little girl right here has huge heart. Yesterday while we were hunting her brother shot a deer. We hadn’t been in the stand very long at that time. When I told her we needed to go help him find his deer she began to cry. I mean real tears running down her face. She just wanted to hunt but her brother needed help. So long story short, we lost the blood trail. I mean we couldn’t find anything. That’s when I look over and she has her hat in her hand and her head bowed. I asked what she was doing and she said, “I was praying that we will find Harley’s deer because I don’t want him to be sad.”

That made me smile the biggest smile. A few minutes later we had given up and we’re walking back to the 4 wheeler, all of a sudden she said, ” Look there it is.” Low and behold the deer was laying within 20 yards of us. Her praying for us to find that deer and then her actually spotting it, that was more special than her brother killing it. Haven I hope you never lose that good heart God has given you or the faith to stop and pray about things no matter how big or small.”

Harley’s nice buck


Happy Thanksgiving!


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