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MOSSBACK: Here Fishy, Fishy

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s several thousand words on setting out a MossBack Fish Habitat with noted crappie angler/duck call builder/ public speaker and all around good guy John Godwin. But first, as a way of introduction, a MossBack Fish Habitat is basically a man-made brushtop, but so much more. It is a PVC fish house with a top part Godwin calls the kitchen and a bottom part he calls the recliner. The cover on the top part of the structure is tight together and arranged to gather and hold baitfish. The bottom part has more room for bigger fish like crappie and bass to hang out in comfort. They can sit back there and wait until they see something “in the kitchen” they like then go get them a snack.

And fishermen can key in on the structure and drop their bait in the kitchen and the recliner and catch something to eat for themselves — like the main ingredient for a good fish fry for supper.

The MossBack can be put anywhere and it will last practically forever. it’s anchor system won’t move in current and it features the use of natural colors, textured surfaces throughout, flexible limbs, ease of assembly and versatility of deployment make MossBack Fish Habitat products a realistic, long-lasting, and logical choice.

It took Godwin exactly six minutes and 14 seconds to put this one together and less than a minute to deploy it into Lake D’Arbonne and mark the spot on his electronics.

The amazing part is when we came back by just a few minutes later, there were two crappie and a whole wad of baitfish already hanging out by the MossBack. You can see them on the photo of the LiveScope screen below. John dropped a new Crappie Magnet “Dancer” down in the top and THUMP — caught a crappie. Did I say amazing?

Oh yes, here are “8,000 words” in photos to describe the process:


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