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Black Bayou bream heating up

It’s bream time and there’s no better place to go give them a try than the Black Bayou Lake on the Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge just north of Monroe. It’s a quiet out of the way spot and it usually isn’t busy. There are some special regulations there, so make sure you check them out BEFORE you make a trip.

Then, line up the cane poles or rig up the mini-cast rigs and get after them.

It’s a 2,000 acre lake and is a fantastic bream fishery. Find fish by locating open areas in the vegetation on the lake and fishing red worms or crickets on or near the bottom as the weather heats up. One important note: most of the lake looks the same so pay attention to where you are going so you can find your way back out fairly easily.

Here’s a great tip. Most people fish their bait under a cork about a foot or so above bottom this time of the year but you can also fish right on the bottom without a cork. Some of the bigger fish are caught that way.

If you want an up-to-date report on the lake and a great spot to get all your bait and tackle, check out the new Fishing Camp Tackle Store and RV park right across Hwy. 165 from the entrance road to Black Bayou NWR. They are also one of the sponsors who helps bring you lakedarbonnelife.com free of charge every day.

Two of the most popular areas for bream (and more open water) are near the railroad track on the west side of the lake and the old Oliver Boat Dock area on the southeast corner. The Fourth Lake area is also popular, but in summer the vegetation may be too thick. All the major points around to the left out from the ramp on the refuge are also good spots. There are also several fishing piers where anglers can fish off the bank as well. They are in good fishing spots, too.

Bass fishing is also good on Black Bayou Lake around the vegetation mats and cypress trees. Topwaters work early in the morning and an old standby here is the Wobblehead worm rig. Crappie fishing has also been exceptionally good this spring.

As a reminder, this lake is a part of the Black Bayou National Wildlife Refuge and special regulations do apply, such as the restriction to 50 horsepower or less outboard motors. A public boat launch and parking is available near the Visitor Center located just off Hwy. 165 five miles north of Monroe.

Black Bayou Lake map:


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