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I’m in! FIREDISC Nation

My two favorite places to cook are indoors and outdoors.

When the weather is favorable, outdoors always comes in first. And now it has even a bigger lead since I recently became a member of the FIREDISC® Nation!

I’m always on the lookout for a new and better way. I think I’ve found it. I just got my FIREDISC® grill and followed the procedure to season the all-stainless steel insides with lard and high heat and I’ve cooked my first two meals on it. It’s a combination grill, wok, fryer, and whatever you want.

My first shot at supper in the disc was some roasted peppers and onions and blackened pork chops, which took less than 15 minutes total to cook. We added a pot of green butterbeans on the stove saved from the summer garden and it was a very good rookie Disc Dinner.

The second try took advantage of the FIREDISCs design that includes a hot center, medium middle ring and and outside segment that just stays warm was a hit, too. The FIREDISC® is great for fixing something like stir fry. It’s perfect for say a pound of big shrimp, some chopped cabbage and purple onion, some red peppers and asparagus tips and a few noodles. Which, by the way, I had. Every ingredient needed a different cooking time so I did it that way – one ingredient at a time. And it didn’t take long. When it was done, I slid it to the warming outside and did the next ingredient. When we mixed it together and plated it with a sliced avacado, as Guy Fieri says, “we were riding the bus to Flavortown”.

The neatest thing about the FIREDISC® besides how it cooks is that it is so portable. You can cook with a one-pound canister of propane for on-the-go cooking, or you can hook up to a 20-pound bottle on your back porch or outdoor kitchen. The cooking disc comes off, the legs fold up and it stores in a fairly small space. The disc is heavy, but that’s a good thing. It is durable and will outlast me if I take care of it!

The next neatest thing is that in April, when you buy a bundle — the cooker and accessories — you can get 20% off AND free shipping. Just use promo code BUNDLES20 at checkout when buying online. There are a growing number of retail dealers and one might be near you. Their website is https://www.firedisccookers.com/ and you can check it all out there.

You’ll be hearing more from me about it, I’m sure. Next up I plan to add some peanut oil and fry fish in it. Of course, you’ll get to see the results!

The short version FIREDISC® story:
Texas brothers Hunter and Griff Jaggard leaned on their Texas roots to they pursue a cooktop design based on Discada cooking, which lends itself to many types of cuisine preparations. Armed with a plow disc from a tractor and a welding shop for hire, the brothers set out to design an entirely new category of cooking that was portable yet bullet-proof, and could out-cook and outlast any gas cooker or grill on the market. I think they’ve done it.

The Texas-based, family-owned team also consistently strives to deliver an exceptional customer experience. As a result, since launching in 2017, the FIREDISC® team has built a powerful following of brand loyalists throughout the nation – ranging from well-known outdoor enthusiasts to individuals who simply value products of unmatched quality, durability and versatility. FIREDISC® is focused on a persistent path to design superior products for people who love living life outdoors. As they say, get you one, “Fire it Up and Gather ‘Round”. I’ll be firing it up often.


One thought on “I’m in! FIREDISC Nation

  1. Keep on and you will be put on regular(ly).👏

    Posted by Zanona Rogers | April 5, 2021, 12:362:50 am

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