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The Grenada thump is huge!

Oh my goodness. Someone bringing a 20-pound limit of seven crappie to the scales isn’t unheard of, but it is extremely rare. But can you imagine bringing in a 20-pound bag to the weigh-in and being in TENTH PLACE?

That’s what happened on day one of the Crappie Masters National Qualifier on Grenada Lake in Mississippi. There was 10 teams that topped 20+ lbs. on day one. Blake Cook & Nathan Caldwell are in the lead going into championship Saturday with 21.92 lbs. And holy mackerel! Look at the size of the big fish in each of those stringers! The biggest for Day One was 3.71 pounds. Twenty six of the top forty teams had a fish well over three pounds.

Grenada is known as a big crappie lake, but with the advent of LiveScope, it’s even showing off more. Being able to single out the biggest fish in a group on your electronics gives the fisherman a huge advantage. You don’t have to interview the leaders of this event to know they didn’t catch this kind of fish trolling around hoping to get a big bite. It’s LiveScope plus big fish plus spawning time.

If you want to watch a bunch of huge fish come to the scales, you can follow the second-day weigh in tomorrow live on Crappie Masters Facebook page. It should be an exciting time.


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