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Folding shirts and scoring deer

Greg Hicks is good about making people happy. He does it quite often, especially when a big trophy buck measures out like you expect it to. But he can also let the air out of your deer hunting balloon in a hurry. Greg is to deer hunting what digital scales are to lunker bass. They turn hopes and guesses into the official truth.

The Farmerville resident is a top deer scorer. That means he gives folks good news when their “150” actually scores 158. He’s also sent some folks home with their “wishful thinking 150” antlers that only score 131 1/8 when put under the official tape! Deer hunters. You know what I mean.

He also writes and videos many of his experiences. You can follow him on Facebook. He’s also taking his Antlers & Hicks brand to the next level, starting with a line of t-shirts that you can pick up at K&M Coffee, Corks and Camo. He plans on having an online store set up soon. Greg also scores deer each Tuesday night at K&M and does a great job. Here’s his developing story, as told in his own words:

“So here we go…….I grew up dreaming of having my own thing. Something that people knew me by and something that people would want to be a part of. At the time I had no idea what it would be, I just knew I wanted it.Bad. I’ve been blessed to be apart of some pretty cool things outdoors wise since 2010. We began Bayou Bucks Magazine, we started one of the first outdoor podcasts that I know of at Bayou Bucks as well with “Bayou Bucks Radio”, and was even in a hunting video (talking; not hunting….I can’t kill big deer 😉)I started writing for Rack Magazine (sister mag to Buckmasters) and loved that more than I ever thought it would. I got certified in 2012 to score deer for Buckmasters. At first I had no idea what to do with this certification. But over time that path with become very clear. I also wrote a little for another Louisiana based magazine but none of that was my own brand. My cup wasn’t even close to being full. And then in 2013 life changes happened. Looking back, those changes were absolutely the best things that could have happened to me. But at the time…….I don’t think I could have gotten any lower. The winds of life had shifted. John Maxwell wrote, “The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.”If I wanted to have my own brand, I had to obviously be the leader. And I absolutely love leadership. So I adjusted the sail. Destination unknown. Fast forward six years and many changes later, I was scoring some of the best deer I’d ever seen and telling their story my way. It didn’t have the notoriety of a national publication but that’s cool, it’s my little thing. After being pushed by a good friend to get a Facebook page going to showcase all these deer, I created one. After consulting with another friend, a name was developed. Antlers & Hicks. When she said the name, I knew that was the one. That would be the name of my brand. In 2019, A&H was created and it’s been a slowly growing community ever since. Now, like my English 101 professor, Pat Garrett would say…..focus on the key word in that last sentence. Community…..Bc that’s what A&H truly is. That becomes clear every Tuesday night at K&M in Farmerville La where I set up to score deer for a local big buck contest. These people come from all over Union Parish and even other parishes to sit down and talk hunting. It’s unbelievable at how community based this has become and it was where I realized that growing a brand that represented all of these people is possible. A&H is not me. It’s us. Hunters. Unclassified hunters. No certain gender. No certain race. No certain age. No “aint really huntin if ya sittin over a corn pile”. No “shoulda let that ‘un walk”. No trad bow over compound bow, compound over crossbow, bow better than rifle. None of that. No one is singled out. Everyone is welcome. Bring your deer and your story. Sit down and let me hear it and let’s soak in the moment while I look at your trophy. I can’t tell you how many times people have said “well, there’s not much to it. I was there and he came out and I shot”. But folks, that’s where A&H comes in. There is a story. There’s always a story. You sit with me long enough and we’ll go down that rabbit hole. Trust me. I created these shirts recently not to make money (ok, if I make a little bread then that’s cool but seriously, I ain’t getting rich off a T-shirt), but to grow the brand. A brand that when people see you with an A&H shirt, they know you represent everything listed above. Someone who loves to hunt and loves the community aspect of it.Someone who doesn’t care what you killed your buck with, over, still hunting, dog hunting, whatever. As long as it’s legal and doesn’t break any rules, you are our people. These first printings were made specifically for that purpose; everyone can rep these. Right now, it’s a face to face transaction. I don’t have a store page (yet) but if these sell good, I have a ton of ideas in the tank for more and a store page will inevitably come. Be patient and give feed back. That’s how we grow. We. Grow. So…….here we go”

Prices: Adult S-XL $20 2XL- $22 — Cash or PayPal (Greghicks78@gmail.com)

A typical scoring story from Greg:

“Greg McMullen & this beautiful Ouachita Parish BTR Record Book buck (shown above) came by this morning and the pictures do not do this rack justice. When Justin Coats first sent me the picture, I had my doubts about the scores being tossed around but when Greg walked through the door, those doubts quickly subsided. Straight. Hammer. The story is a good one and he even shared the hunt with his son, who was fired up about it as well. 13 scorable points, 16 7/8” inside spread, over 24” mainbeams, over 5” bases, and two very cool irregular points.Total inches of antler 145 5/8” BTR Score (antlers and spread) 162 4/8”

And he bought the very first A&H shirt.”


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