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Bells, frost and yard mowed

In the movie that I watch at least once every Christmas with my wife, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, one of the key sound bites centers around old Clarence the Angel-in-waiting. Finally at the end, Clarence gets his wings. And the famous quote is fulfilled as a bell on the Christmas tree jingles. Jimmy Stewart smiles. “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings”.

There’s another not so famous line that I remember this time of year, but it’s 100% true. This morning’s frost reminded me of it. Duck Commander Phil Robertson got his yard mowed, so to speak.

I’ve been blessed with a lot of memorable opportunities outdoors and one I’ll never forget was the first time I sat on the Phil Robertson’s front porch of Phil Robertson’s trailer home out on Mouth of Cypress Road. Phil was spouting off duckisms and hunting tips and words of wisdom faster than I could write them down.

Miss Kay walked out on the porch and looked at the yard. “Phil”, she said, “we need to get a lawnmower.”

Phil turned around in true Phil fashion and told me, “Son, I never owned a suit and I never owned a lawnmower.”

Then he turned to Miss Kay and said, “Frost’ll get it.”

Temps 26 this morning. Frost on the ground. Phil got his yard mowed.


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