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The night before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all across the lakeOnly two ducks were still stirring, a hen and a drake.The yo-yo’s were hung on the boat dock with care,In hopes some big crappie would soon swim up there; The coots were nestled all snug by the shore,They were there by the dozens; three, no… maybe … Continue reading

Ist nicht schoen

Christmas is always a special time, but this year even moreso. The world seems a little topsy turvy. Maybe a lot. It could get worse. Our law enforcement and military separate us from a lot of it. I hope you’ll take time and read this and join me in offering giving a special prayer form … Continue reading

It can’t be deer season without…

Dose Yoopers! Dey tell a good deer huntin story, ya! If you can listen to this without laughing, your sugar must be low…

See ‘ya, sucka

Remember Mr. T on the old “A Team” television show? Right before he was getting ready to pound somebody to teach them a lesson, he’d call them “Sucka”. Well, Sterlington City Councilman Matt Talbert turned the tables on a different Mr. T recently. The growing feral hog population in this area is made even worse … Continue reading

Folding shirts and scoring deer

Greg Hicks is good about making people happy. He does it quite often, especially when a big trophy buck measures out like you expect it to. But he can also let the air out of your deer hunting balloon in a hurry. Greg is to deer hunting what digital scales are to lunker bass. They … Continue reading

The most important season

Bells, frost and yard mowed

In the movie that I watch at least once every Christmas with my wife, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, one of the key sound bites centers around old Clarence the Angel-in-waiting. Finally at the end, Clarence gets his wings. And the famous quote is fulfilled as a bell on the Christmas tree jingles. Jimmy Stewart smiles. … Continue reading

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Bastrop – Morehouse Chamber

Benoit Ford North

Dusty Gates, Union Parish Sheriff

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