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Don’t forget the Mojo

We welcome Mojo Outdoors as the newest sponsor of lakedarbonnelife.com and just in time for duck season. If you haven’t kept up with all the innovations in Mojo products, you can click on the Mojo Outdoors ad on this page and go right to their home page.

Mojo is a household, or make that “duck blind” name, in waterfowling. Mojo Outdoors is located in Monroe, Louisiana. To date, more than four million Mojo spinning wing decoys have been sold by Mojo. There’s a full line of duck species, plus doves and turkeys. There are numerous species like mallard, wigeons, pintail, teal, etc. The use of turkey Mojo decoys is also growing. Owner Terry Denmon said there is an exciting new development about to enter production for the 2021 season. Mojo has evolved from clanky, rough running and awkward decoys that someone else had designed to smooth operating, high tech duck attractors that show the breeding of Denmon’s engineering touch.

Check it out and make sure you are stocked up on plenty of mojo decoys for the coming season. The variety of decoys is amazing and the new technical improvements in the line are amazing.

There’s a new innovation this Fall on the Elite series decoys. It’s a Bluetooth remote controlled unit for the Mojos. There is a breast mounted plug in USB remote receiver that you can pair with an App and Bluetooth to control the Mojo with your cell phone. Denmon says you can turn each Mojo on and off, set how long you want each to run, even name each one in the spread and manage them all separately while sitting in the blind holding your iPhone. He says, “It’s high tech redneck”.

We’ll have lots more on Mojo and how to best use them in the near future. In the meantime, we welcome them and thank them for helping bring you the outdoor news and features on this website.


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