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Half a hog, smoked 14 hours

I don’t know any outdoor folks that don’t appreciate a good kill and a good meal. And while I often admire big deer or other wild game harvest photos, the most excited I’ve gotten this year looking on the Facebook was last week, and it wasn’t a big set of antlers.

Kyle Green, owner of Dubach Deer Factory and Smokehouse, posted a picture of something they are doing on a growing basis. It was a smoked half hog and it made me want to scratch and sniff the screen. Man, it looked good. Wild game is always good. But they’ve taken it from good to great. So I had to get the inside story from Kyle.

“We do a pretty good number of half hogs or deer and hog hams. We do deer backstrap, too. That’s one of our most popular items,” he said. “We inject the meat, add our special seasoning and smoke it. A half a hog like that one in the photo takes about 14 hours and we’ve learned how to smoke them from some of the best to get the best results.”

You have to bring your own deer or hog, which isn’t that hard these days. Deer hunters are taking deer every day and with the growing number of feral hogs being harvested, you can find someone to get you one of those, too. If not, check with them at the Smokehouse and they’ll try to hook you up. Cost is $1.50 a pound smoked.

Obviously, these are done for special events most of the time like a family gathering, tailgate, or hunting camp feast. That’s a lot of meat just for a sandwich for supper for Mom and Pop. But the Deer Factory folks have it down to where they can take it off the smoker just in time for your event and you can still get it there and serve it hot and tasty. You can leave it on the bone, or some folks like the hog with the meat raked off in a pan like regular pulled pork. That’s enough to even make an LSU fan yell Woo Pig Soooieeee!

You can also check out their Facebook page to see everything they do and also catch up on some of the recent deer that customers have brought in to be processed.

Just remember when you pick up your smoked meat, let me know and I’ll come taste test it to make sure it’s okay.

Cream cheese & jalapeños Stuffed in deer backstrap, then wrapped in bacon and smoked for hours


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