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Welcome, Dubach Deer Factory

We welcome one of our new sponsors to lakedarbonnelife.com , and just in time for deer season. The Dubach Deer Factory and Smokehouse has become a household name in north Louisiana in just a short time. Their quality deer processing in the fall and winter; great crawfish, shrimp and other delicious foods in the spring; and summer Farmer’s Market are all worth the short drive to Dubach!

With deer season underway, the place is already bustling again.

And it highlights something that many folks don’t know. This ain’t yo momma’s deer processing, folks.

In the not-to-distant past, if you killed a deer and had it processed, you got hamburger meat and deer steaks. Not bad choices. But today, at Dubach Deer Factory and Smokehouse, you can have your venison turned into deer burger, deer burger patties, deer bacon burger, smoked sausages (in multiple flavors), pan sausage, deer stew meat, deer brats (also in multiple flavors), deer bacon,snack sticks and more.

They’ve also got deer corn, ice, drinks and more. Check them out at 599 Hwy. 167 in Dubach or give them a call at 318-777-8800

You can check them out on Facebook by clicking on the ad appearing on the lakedarbonnelife.com homepage.


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