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Squirrel stampedes and the Hippo Bill

There’s probably never been a better time to have something like the tales of squirrel stampedes, the Hippo Bill and other outdoor stories from Louisiana’s famed outdoors than right now.

And thanks to Dr. Terry L. Jones, my down-the-road neighbor and Louisiana Outdoor Writer extraordinaire, we can all enjoy those stories and about 48 more. They are all included in his latest book, “Louisiana Pastimes” and you can buy a copy on Amazon or write to Terry and he’ll autograph it for you and get it in the mail (see details below).

Terry isn’t your average outdoor writer. He actually bases all of his stories — okay, most of his stories… well, some of his stories — on at least one fact. For instance, there really are squirrel stampedes. And if President Teddy Roosevelt and Louisiana Representative Robert Broussard would have had their way, there might be a hippo season in the Bayou State this very day. Yes, there was an actual bill in the Louisiana Legislature to make that happen. You’ll have to read the book to learn more.

Terry spent 25 years teaching Louisiana History, much of it as a professor at the University of Louisiana – Monroe and he has spent 60 years enjoying hunting, fishing and exploring the nuances of the Bayou State.

In his new book, there are also some practical chapters too, like how to stay awake on long road trips. My favorite tip of his is No. 10 on his list, “When you start getting tired in the afternoon, put on Mary Chapin Carpenter’s “Down at the Twist and Shout” and crank her up!”.

Want to know more? Here’s the official promo for the book: Few states can match Louisiana in terms of rich history, colorful characters and strange occurrences. It was home to America’s first mound builders, the birthplace of the nation’s modern army and the scene of a dismaying number of natural disasters. Louisiana’s story also includes the weird and bizarre. Fish and worms have rained from the sky, sea serpents have been spotted off its coast and Bigfoot is said to roam the woods. From stampeding squirrels and bayou hippos to Native American hunters and sunken galleons, this collection of tales will entertain anyone who enjoys outdoor adventures and offbeat history. Award-winning author Dr. Terry L. Jones has tapped into his broad knowledge of Louisiana and his own outdoor experiences to produce this engaging book.

My name is Kinny Haddox and, hey, I approve this message.

And oh, by the way, you can order a copy from Amazon for $21.99. But if you want an autographed copy, send $25, American money, to Terry L. Jones, P.O. Box 1581, West Monroe, LA 71294. As a time-limited quarantine special, tell him you found out about the book here and you can get two autographed copies for just $50!


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