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Fish safe!

Fishing has been good this past week and should stay that way this week. But before we go any further with today’s fishing report, please be cautious when you go fishing. Social distancing requires effort on your part. Keep you distance at the boat ramps. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when getting bait or gas or touching anything in public.

This virus doesn’t spread itself. People spread it. Do your part, please.

Now, to the fishing report. We talked to Kenny Kavanaugh at K&M Coffee, Corks and Camo on D’Arbonne, to check out the latest. By the way, they have a drive-up window for shoppers and if you can use that, please do to help keep everyone safe.

The crappie (Kenny still calls them white perch and I like that) have been in and out a lot. It seems that the hard bite up shallow isn’t real consistent although a lot of fishermen are catching them there. The pressure on the shallow fish sometimes makes them move in and out a lot and you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Good fish are still being caught in 6-8 feet of water and as deep as 12-14 feet. In fact, Kenny says that some of the deeper fish are oozing eggs, which means they are just not moving on or they are spawning deep on top of a stump or fallen log.

Shiners and jigs are working.

With all the stay at home orders, a lot of families that are already exposed to each other are fishing together. And the bream are biting. If they aren’t, somebody must have discovered a good recipe for cricket jambalaya because K&M is selling thousands of crickets.

Kenny said they almost sold out of crickets late last week and he picked up 10,000 more Friday. He got down to 1,000 yesterday and has already gone through another 5,000 the past two days.

Bass fishing has been good for some and bad for others. Some are catching a limit and others say they can’t get a bite. Fish slow and stay shallow in 3-4 foot of water, Kenny says. They are really hitting the Flukes up near grass or close around trees. He said he looked up last week and had eight different empty pegs that were full of Fluke packages, so he quickly restocked and they are getting empty again. Colors don’t seem to matter but the bass are eating them up.

Bream fishermen are also catching a lot of catfish on crickets and worms and stump hooks baited with small bream are starting to land some nice ones.

Once again, take advantage of the opportunity to fish, but be safe. Don’t get in big groups or expose others. Make sure you are careful around gas pumps, door handles, etc. And be extra careful. Don’t put our first responders in harms way trying to come out and rescue you!

Be Safe.


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